Time flies for a 50-minute class!

I have been taking Jesse’s lessons for nearly three years. My target in English is to work with English native speakers fluently and not nervously. In order to achieve such a goal, I recommend him as an English teacher.

In our lessons, we always start with free talk about our daily life, weekend, and current events in the news. Then we go into subjects which he prepared for me in advance. Some are sent before a lesson (links to Youtube, articles, etc.) and others are shown in the class. We talk about the topics. He expresses his views on that and also asks me for my view. This is interesting because I can find other points of view from him since we have different cultural backgrounds. He always listens to my views in a positive manner. I can express myself at ease.

Time flies for a 50-minute class!  His policy for a lesson is that it should be fun. I agree with him. I can try to construct sentences that I really want to say because I’m curious about the topics. He is interested in wide variety of fields. I always have something to say spontaneously.

Apart from a lesson, he also provides students with some platforms to use English in our daily life. It includes SNS, video posting site, blog, etc. From these subjects, I can feel his enthusiasm for teaching.

I am getting accustomed to speaking with native English speakers and it helps me a lot in my business. Thanks, Jesse!

Takayasu, Y.


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