The interactions with Jesse were important elements for me to succeed at the MBA journey.

Finance MBA applicant
Accepted: Wharton, Ross, Yale, Darden, and Emory

The interactions with Jesse were important elements for me to succeed at the MBA journey.  It’s a long process and applicants sometimes face difficulty to improve scores or make their applications better, losing their motivation. Jesse always motivated me to keep positive to tackle these challenges. When I faced difficulty to improve my TOEFL score, he gave me thoughtful comments that gave me confidence and improved my English abilities.

Not only did he help me increase my TOEFL Speaking Score from 18 to 23, but also to improve my speaking skill itself. He is an experienced English teacher, so he has a lot of ways to improve his client’s English abilities. And, indeed I am one of the people who improved their English skill because of his support! Therefore, I was able to perform well in the team-based discussion of Wharton, in which participants cannot use a framework or format, unlike TOEFL Speaking.

I strongly recommend him as an English teacher who improves English skills by effective approaches and is a good motivator. I cannot imagine making it to the finish line of the MBA application process without his help.
I took his classes for TOEFL Speaking and interview practice.

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