I highly recommend you study with Jesse!

Hi, I’m Jesse’s student. My classes with him are very special to me. They serve many good purposes. One clear advantage is I can learn English from a native professional teacher. I want to know how to use English in various situations. In other words, I want to be able to understand films, TV dramas, and English literature. Jesse’s classes are so fun and interesting for me. In particular, he has a great personality, so I’m always relaxed during my classes. Because my vocabulary is limited we are using a book in some of our lessons. He also gives me homework. I learn tons of new words every week and get to practice using them in natural conversation.

Thanks to the English immersion program he helped me create, I’m using English every day. One of my favorite things is the video program we use. I record my own videos most days and can look back at my progress. I enjoy it and find it helpful!

I highly recommend you study with Jesse.

Hideko Kumano, DDS