Achieve Your English Goals by Learning Online with M

I develop a fun and effective individual learning program to help you reach your English goals quickly.

M has assisted serious career professionals interested in improving their English for 8 years. Her students are employed by companies such as Microsoft, Coke, Chevron, Oracle, Hess, Yandex, Sberbank and more. Additionally, she has helped dentists with private clinics, language school proprietors, MBA program matriculates and many small business owners. From recent graduates just starting out to C level executives, she is very experienced and successful at helping each and every student accomplish their goals.

Hi, I’m M and I’m a native English speaker and professional teacher from New York City in the United States. I have a CELTA teaching certificate and BA from an American university. I taught in the classroom for four years and then changed to online teaching, which I’ve been doing for over three years. I’ve consistently received great reviews from my managers, colleagues and, most importantly, my students.

I develop an individual learning program for each student to help him or her reach their English goals in a fun and engaging way. In long-term courses, I’ve helped learners progress from a beginner to advanced level. I’ve run intensive short programs to prepare learners for specific events, such as job interviews, presentations, trips abroad and more.

I use ESL books, speaking activities and materials I’ve developed to help students speak more fluently, learn and activate grammar, expand vocabulary, improve pronunciation, and better their listening skills.

My husband, Teacher Jesse, and I have lived in many countries, including Mexico, Thailand, Spain, Croatia, Tunisia, Macedonia, and Albania. Having learned languages in the classroom, online and from conversations with native speakers, I understand the process from a student’s point of view. I’m patient and understanding and will support and help you in your English learning adventure.

Whether you simply want to have an enjoyable conversation with a native speaker or are looking to accomplish a very specific objective, I’m confident we can work together to achieve your goals!

I work with intermediate, upper-intermediate and advanced learners. If you are a strong pre-intermediate student we can have a test class and see if we’d both be comfortable working together. Beginner students, please continue your learning process with a teacher that specializes in your level.


I charge $45 (USD) for 50-minute lessons.


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